Welcome to U11!

We have made sure that registration is as convenient as possible and takes only a few seconds. After booking a room, you will receive an accommodation guide to your e-mail address, which includes:

– invitation to online registration,

– four-digit code for the main door,

– QR code for self-registration at the hotel’s check-in kiosk.

When filling out the registration card, pay attention that the mandatory fields are marked in red.


Once you have arrived at the hotel, scan the QR code at the Check-in kiosk, check if all required information is filled in and sign the form. Please note that required fields are marked in red.

After check-in is completed you will receive an email with the room number and the code for it, which is also the code for the main entrance.


During your stay, you will receive an email with an option to choose your check-out time (the system allows you to choose the latest check-out time at 12 afternoon. Please do not confuse am and pm).

Please do not forget to provide your check-out time. You can do so at the self-service check-in desk by the main entrance.

See U soon!