Smart Hotel OÜ (hereinafter: U11 HOTEL) offers accommodation services in Tallinn, address Uuslinna 11.

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the Terms and Conditions) apply between the guest and U11 HOTEL, when offering U11 HOTEL services and when making online reservations. The terms and conditions reflect all processes related to booking and accommodation. In matters not reflected in the Terms and Conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall apply.

By making a reservation, the guest confirms that he / she has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, which are available on the U11 HOTEL website.



1.U11 HOTEL accommodation services can be booked by natural persons and legal entities aged 18 and older, with legal and active legal capacity. U11 HOTEL has the right to cancel the reservation if it turns out that the guest who made the reservation does not meet the requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions.
2.The guest agrees to the Terms and Conditions when booking, it is not possible to book rooms without giving a consent.
3.The room description, prices and available dates are indicated in the booking process when booking.
4.The version of the Terms and Conditions binding on the guest is the one that was valid at the time of booking and was published on the U11 HOTEL website.



1.The guest makes a reservation on the website of U11 HOTEL or on the website of the service provider that mediates the services of U11 HOTEL, choosing the desired accommodation service.
2.The guest confirms that he / she is aware of the nature, purpose and booking methods of the available services and has received the necessary and / or additional information necessary to make the reservation.
3.On the website, the guest can book rooms for personal use, for larger group bookings please contact U11 HOTEL by e-mail
4.The guest confirms that he / she has read the selected services and their suitability for the guest’s needs.
5.The reservation is considered submitted by the guest at the end of the booking process.
6.Guests can make reservations using the web form on or through the U11 HOTEL service provider.
7.The reservation is considered confirmed after the guest has received the reservation confirmation from the U11 HOTEL.
8.Guests must complete all required fields on the booking form prior to booking.
9.The guest confirms the accuracy and correctness of the submitted data.



1.U11 HOTEL will confirm the booking by sending a booking confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the guest.
2.Booking confirmation reflects services ordered, prices, conditions of sale valid for the prices, date of booking, contact information of the hotel.



1.The terms of sale, displayed at the prices, set out the possibilities and conditions for change and cancellation.
2.Reservations paid in advance without the possibility of cancellation may not be altered in any way and the amount paid in advance shall not be refunded.
3.If the terms and conditions of sale set out in the price allow for changes, you can change your reservation by notifying the hotel at
4.If a guest cancels their reservation during the stay before the end of the stay:
4. 1 For bookings with flexible cancellation policy, the following night will be charged as a refund, all remaining nights will be refunded.
4.2 No refunds will be given for non-refundable and prepaid bookings.
5.U11 HOTEL does not take a deposit but reserves the right to withdraw the corresponding amount from the bank card provided by the visitor as compensation for the arrangement of the room in case of damaged room or broken things.
6.Check-in takes place at U11 HOTEL from 15.00.
7.Check-out at the U11 HOTEL is at noon (12.00) and guests must vacate the rooms before noon on the day of the end of their booking. If the guest does not leave before the check-out time, the U11 HOTEL will automatically charge the guest’s payment card for an extra night.
8.All bookings are personal and cannot be passed on to any other person, either free of charge or for a fee.



1.Pursuant to the Estonian Tourism Act, a guest must fill in a registration form before staying overnight. The registration form must be completed during the online check-in. If the guest does not fill in the form, it is not possible to complete the check-in process and U11 HOTEL is not obliged to accommodate the guest.
2.Guests confirm that they use the rooms prudently and responsibly. Violation of public order, damage to U11 HOTEL property, disturbance of other U11 HOTEL visitors, etc. inappropriate behaviour may result in the guest being expelled from the hotel without compensation or refund for unused nights. If the guest has not paid in advance, the guest must pay for the nights used and for any damaged items or other damage caused.
3.All rooms and public areas of the U11 HOTEL are non-smoking. The fine for violating the smoking ban is 300 euros. In addition, the hotel reserves the right to charge a guest for cleaning the room and neutralizing odours.
4. Pets are not allowed in the U11 HOTEL.



1.The photos displayed on the U11 HOTEL website are illustrative. The pictures of U11 HOTEL rooms and services are as true as possible, but differences may occur due to changes in furniture, accessories, or renovations.
2.Hyperlinks displayed on the website may lead to websites of other service providers. U11 HOTEL is not responsible for the content of such websites or the quality of the services provided.
3.U11 HOTEL has the right to cancel a guest’s reservation if the reservation and / or payment, which is incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent and caused by the guest results in the cancellation of the order at the guest’s expense, without prejudice to civil or criminal proceedings against the guest.
4. All suggestions and complaints against the hotel should be submitted in writing to the hotel’s e-mail address



1.Prices for booked services are displayed before booking and during the booking process.
2.Prices shown are for selected dates, room and number of people.
3.The prices shown to the guest are in euros including all taxes and are valid only for the selected period on the website
4.If the payment is made in a currency other than euro, the exchange rate will be borne by the guest.
5.All bookings are paid in euros (EUR).
6.The price does not include additional services, unless otherwise stated when booking.
7.Prices include taxes valid on the day of booking. Any change in applicable taxes will automatically change the prices of the accommodation service, including for already confirmed and / or paid bookings.
8.If the booking states that payment is due on arrival or departure, the total amount of the reservation will be charged at the time of booking, due to changes in exchange rates.
9.In the booking confirmation, U11 HOTEL always shows the total price of booking.



1.When booking, the guest provides their bank details – card number, validity period (card must be valid during the stay) and security code – via the Stripe payment environment to guarantee the order. The hotel reserves the right to check the validity of the card to prevent card fraud.
2.Payments will be debited during the stay unless the terms of sale applicable to the price provide for an advance payment and the payment will be made at the time of booking.
3.If the guest does not show up (the guest does not cancel the booking but does not arrive on the start date of the booking), the hotel will charge a compensation of up to one night accommodation from the payment card provided by the guest. Subsequent nights will be cancelled at no extra charge unless the price conditions stipulated otherwise.
4.U11 HOTEL has chosen the Stripe secure payment environment as its online payment service provider. Guest card verification is performed by Stripe. Payment cards can be rejected for various reasons: stolen or blocked card, limit exceeded, insertion error, etc. In case of payment problems, the guest must contact both the hotel and their bank to confirm the booking and payment method.
5.During the prepayment, the guest’s payment card will be charged for the cost of accommodation, taxes related to the stay and the cost of additional services chosen by the guest.



1.When using the U11 HOTEL website and making a reservation, U11 HOTEL processes the personal data of the guest in accordance with the procedure set out in the Privacy Policy.
2.Computerized documents stored in the U11 HOTEL IT systems shall be considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between the parties.



1.Force majeure is any event of an unforeseeable and insurmountable nature which is not under the control of the parties and which prevents the guest or the U11 HOTEL from fulfilling all or part of the obligations set out in the contract.
2.Neither party shall be liable to the other for breach of its obligations arising from force majeure. Force majeure shall suspend the performance of the mutual obligations of the parties and each party shall bear the resulting costs.



All complaints regarding a reservation and stay between the guest and the U11 HOTEL will be settled through negotiations. In the absence of an agreement, the visitor has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board. Complaints and questions are resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

U11 HOTEL may modify and / or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time. In this case, U11 HOTEL will publish a new version of the Terms on the website, which will be valid immediately, except for bookings made before the date of publication of the Terms and Conditions, for which the Terms in force at the time of booking apply.




  • Smoking, being in a state of drug intoxication, or consuming strong alcoholic beverages within the U11 SPA premises is prohibited. Bringing food and alcoholic beverages purchased outside the hotel area is not allowed. The staff has the right to confiscate any food and alcoholic beverages brought in.
  • Being in an intoxicated state is not allowed in U11 SPA. If you are intoxicated, you assume all risks associated with using the service. The staff has the right to ask individuals who pose a threat to themselves and others and disturb visitors to leave U11 SPA.
  • In case of causing damage to U11 SPA property, the hotel reserves the right to demand compensation for the damage.
  • U11 SPA is not responsible for any injuries or health issues caused to visitors, and does not compensate for any resulting damage.
  • Partial video surveillance is installed in U11 SPA to ensure visitor safety.
  • Do not leave personal belongings and valuables unattended. U11 SPA is not responsible for items left in the changing room or locker, or for damaged swimwear in the water center.
  • Follow the recommendations on signs and signs installed in U11 SPA. In case of questions or issues, please contact the service staff at the contact number +372 59194910.
  • Consider the interests of other visitors and be attentive to children.
  • Move without haste. Walking or running quickly on wet floors is dangerous for you and other visitors!
  • U11 Spa is not equipped for individuals with limited mobility.
  • In case of non-compliance with the internal rules, U11 SPA staff has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate access without compensation.
  • Please respect good practice and do not photograph other visitors.




  • Entering the pool without washing is prohibited. It is recommended to shower before and after swimming.
  • Rinse off under the shower when moving from the sauna to the pool.
  • All swimmers, including small children, must wear swimwear.
  • Use swimming diapers for little children to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Long hair must be tied! It is recommended to wear a swim cap in the pool.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the U11 SPA pool.
  • Wet floors are slippery, running on them is dangerous. Move calmly in U11 SPA to avoid falls and injuries.
  • In case of feeling unwell, rest and seek assistance from the rescue service at the number 112.
  • Jumping into the water and diving are prohibited.




  • Shower before using the saunas.
  • Calculate the time spent in the steam room according to your health condition.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water.
  • Use hot water for sauna stones. Pouring water on the stones should be done in a reasonable amount and only on dry stones. When adding steam, consider the opinions of other sauna visitors.
  • Rinse off under the shower when moving from the sauna to the pool.
  • The use of sauna brooms, honey, scrubs, and other lubricating and aromatic substances is not allowed in the saunas.
  • Please use a towel to sit on the bench in the Finnish sauna.